Age Spots

Age spots are also commonly called liver spots. These age spots are lentigines and are caused by sun damage. These brown spots may appear on the face or body as a result of aging and excess sun exposure. As we age the breakdown in our skin is seen through the manifestation of these brown age spots. Age spots are also known as sun spots. Years of excess sun exposure becomes especially evident as we begin to age. The needed melanin in the skin is destroyed through the ultraviolet rays of the sun and the result is age spots.

People have various skin textures and colors. Darker skin has more of the substance melanin; this substance acts as a natural barrier against dangerous ultraviolet rays. Lighter skin is more susceptible to ultraviolet light ray damage. Over time this damage appears as age spots. Abnormal skin pigmentation is the result of excess sun exposure. Sunbathing and spending excess time in the sun without adequate skin protection will lead to abnormal skin pigmentation and sunspots.

Age spots are caused by UVA light. There are several protective measures that can be taken including sunscreen, hats and clothing. The most sun damage takes place in the vehicle while the driver is driving. The sun streaming through the glass window can be very damaging to the skin. Vehicles are now equipped with UVB protective windows this however does not provide the protection needed from the sun’s dangerous UVA light. It is suggested that vehicle owners have a UVA tinted or clear protection barrier installed within their vehicle’s windows. This would adequately protect drivers from the most harmful amounts of rays that they receive.

Age spots are the direct cause of sun damage and can become cancerous. Sunspots that change in color or size should be observed by a dermatologist. A biopsy will be needed in order to check the sunspot for cancer. Most sunspots are benign. Although most sunspots are benign they are still an indication of sun damage. In order to avoid obtaining unwanted sunspots/age spots, excess sun exposure should be avoided and protective measures should be taken to avoid damage which results in these brown spots.


The following methods are recommended to remove age spots.

Hydroquinone is a prescription cream widely used to treat age spots, however there is concern about the possibility that this cream can actually cause cancer and it is banned in some countries.

Laser Treatment is effective but extremely expensive.

Ag3derm Cream is a topical solution which achieves fantastic results…

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