Freckles are a common occurrence and can be found on millions of people, although they are most visible on people who have a light complexion.  Freckles are sometimes known as beauty marks and can be found nearly everywhere on the body in some cases.  Freckles can actually be found on any person, no matter what their genetic background might be.  However, having freckles is genetic related.  Freckles are also caused by sun damage as sun damage can cause excessive and uneven pigmentation.  Some people are fond of their freckles while others would like to rid their skin of freckles.

There are a variety of ways that a person might go about ridding their skin of freckles.  Most people are only concerned about getting rid of the freckles they have that are visible.  For instance, many people work to lighten and get rid of freckles on the face, arms and legs.  Bleaching agents and creams are most commonly used to rid the skin of freckles.  Unfortunately, these bleaching agents may burn the skin around the freckles and can even cause scarring.  When using bleaching agents, one must be very careful and be ready for possible scarring.  Retinol is also used to lighten freckles and many people seem to have a better experience using retinol instead of a bleaching agent.  The biggest drawback to retinol is that it must be used for an extended period of time before great results can be seen.  When using retinol, the skin that is around the freckles may lighten as well which will still leave emphasis on the freckles.  Laser treatment is also an option as well as chemical peels.  Laser treatment resurfacing can be used to lighten the discoloration of freckles.  Chemical peels and deep peeling can be utilized for the removal of freckles, but patients of this treatment may have significant recovery times to deal with.

You may find one or more of these methods to be of help when working to rid yourself of freckles on your skin.  Along with these methods, it is wise to avoid too much sun as more sun will darken the freckles that you have and possibly create more freckles.  Taking vitamin C is a great idea if you would like to reduce the effect that the sun has on your skin.