There are various types of keratosis, which is a common skin condition that ranges from tiny bumps (known as goose bumps) to a flaky dry patch that conceals the lip line. Keratosis can be pre-cancerous and should be treated by a physician.

Keratosis pilaris is a form of keratosis that is not pre-cancerous. This keratosis tends to form on babies and most commonly on teens. It is caused by dry skin flaking and clogging hair follicles on the arms, buttocks, and thighs. These bumps are not itchy or painful and can be treated with a tropical cream. The tropical cream can be prescribed by your physician and will remove any unsightly bumps.

Solar keratosis and actinic keratosis and keratosis cutaneous horns are considered to be precancerous and tend to be seen together. These forms of keratosis can be as small as the tip of a pencil or they can be larger dry red patches of skin which are covered by white, yellowish flakes. One type of keratosis causes the lower lip line to vanish as it is covered with red and flaky skin. A hornlike growth can also develop in the midst of the red crusty patches of skin.

A physician will effectively treat these problematic areas with a tropical cream or with a surgical procedure. Pre-cancerous skin conditions should be treated as early as possible in order to hinder and stop the possible effects of cancer. There is a 5% to 10% chance of experiencing skin cancer such as melanoma cancer as a result of this type of keratosis.

Solar keratosis is linked to excess sun exposure. Fair skinned persons with light blue or green eyes are more susceptible to this type of precancerous condition. A physician can effectively treat this skin condition with a laser treatment or a surgical procedure.

The various types of Keratosis differ in appearance and are not always precancerous. A physician would be able to assist you in determining what treatment would be best. Excess sun exposure should be avoided in order to break the pattern of keratosis skin conditions. These types of skin conditions can be removed permanently.