Mask of Pregnancy

Most of you, women especially may have come across this term at least once. This term is used to describe the darkening of a pregnant woman’s face. It can also occur on the back of the arms. It is said to be more prevalent in women of African descent or those with darker skins. The main cause of melasma is still unknown but it has been noted that it occurs in individuals who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Melasma being a skin condition that is influenced by hormones will be displayed in different ways depending on an individual and because of this there are certain patterns that melasma has developed. There’s the centrofacial which is the most common and involves the nose, cheeks and forehead. Secondly there’s the malar which involves the cheeks and temples and lastly there’s the mandibular which consists of the jaw line.

The above mentioned are just the patterns that melasma can form on the body but there are types of melasma too. There’s epidermal melasma which is light brown in color and can be enhanced using wood’s lamp. There’s also the dermal melasma which is grey in color and cannot be enhanced using the wood’s lamp. The last one is the mixed type. This tends to have tendencies of both the dermal and epidermal melasma. It is dark brown in color and shows variations when shown under the wood’s lamp.

Melasma cause by pregnancy or the ingestion of oral contraceptives usually fades away on its own a few months after giving birth. Cosmetics when applied skillfully can be used to camouflage those spots and blemishes. Laser therapy is another treatment option and the use of topical applicants.