There are several types of Cirrhosis Hyperpigmentation, one of the commonest is Cirrhosis Biliary which is a form of Hyperpigmentation that has been primarily found to affect many women between the age group – 40-60. It is a wide spread brown Hyperpigmentation problem which appear on the areas of the skin that are exposed excessively to sunlight. One of the earliest symptoms of Cirrhosis hyperpigmentation is Pruritus , which is one symptom that often become much more serious especially during bed time. Abdominal pains, weight loss , fatigue and jaundice are some other symptoms which could signify a Cirrhosis infection in an individual.

Nocturnal diarrhea, bulky and frothy stools, and several other skin irritations can also be some early symptoms of this form of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis Laennec is another Hyperpigmentation problem common in both male and females of different age groups. This kind of hyperpigmentation often result from the excessive consumption of alcohol over the years. The progressive liver dysfunction will result in a diffused and generalized hyperpigmentation of the skin surfaces exposed to sunlight rays. Some of the earliest symptoms of this hyperpigmentation problems include; vomiting, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and dull abdominal pains among several others. The replacement of an individual’s liver tissues with fibrosis is one of the deadliest symptoms of this form of Hyperpigmentation.

As the Cirrhosis Hyperpigmentation disorder progresses, the individual may develop some aggravated symptoms of the infection and such symptoms include; Hepatic insufficiencies and Portal Hypertension among other aggravated symptoms.

The Benign proliferation of the glandular tissues of the skin often result in Hyperpigmentation of the skin especially when the Cirrhosis problem progresses into an advanced stage, Flexion deformities of the fingers may also arise from the thickening and shortening of the skin covering the finger region. In some instances, the vein of a person suffering from Cirrhosis maybe opened up and that may result in serious infections of the skin, the discolouration of the tissues of the skin at this stage may result in the veins having a dark-green colour , when such areas are exposed more to sunlight, the skin becomes patchy and it looks grayish in colour.

Cirrhosis Hyperpigmentation often become so complex to treat and it is best dealt with at its early stages, Laser treatment , surgical operations as well as a combination of these therapies with some medications will be very effective in dealing with the disorder.

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