SkinPigmentation – It is a condition that makes the skin lighter or darker than the normal, or discolor and blotchy. People of all races around the world are suffering from one other kind of skin disorders. Some skin disorders are rare, such as albinism which affects 1 out of 17000 people. Other skin disorders such as age spots are common. Skinpigmentation disorder occurs because the skin cells of body produce either excess or insufficient melanin, a pigment that generates the colour of hair, skin and eye. The melanin produced so absorbs the ultraviolet light rays. A condition in which the body produces insufficient melanin is called hypopigmentation.

One such example of hypopigmentation is Albinism, which is an inherited condition that cause insufficient pigment. The people suffering from albinism have light skin, pale yellow or white hair and gray or light blue eyes. Another condition is vitiligo, in which smooth white patches appear on skin. It is approximately present among 2% of population. People in the ages between 10 to 30 years and with darker skin suffer from this condition. While In hyperpigmenation, body produces the melanin in excess, which causes the skin to become darker than normal. One such example of hyperpigmentation is Lichen simplex chronicus.

Individual suffering this disorder feels severe itching with thick, dark patches on skin. Another example is Lamellar Ichthyosis also known as Fish Scale Disease. This inherited condition also develops dark, scaly and dry patches on skin. Melasma can also become a cause of Hyperpigmentation. Melasma is a discoloration mask of dark colour that appears on the cheek and nose areas. Women during pregnancy suffer from Melasma. A mask similar to Melasma is developed in those individuals who are suffering from autoimmune disease.

In addition to all above, people have also different colour of freckles, moles, birth marks, age spots on various parts of their bodies. Researchers and Scientists are still searching for the causes of skinpigmentation disorders. They have found some concrete causes such as exposure to sunlight, drug reaction, and genetic inheritance. But in some cases the causes are still not very clear. Diagnosing the skinpigmentation disorders varies from type to type. Usually Albinism is diagnosed by carefully looking at the colour of individual’s hair, skin and eyes. Vitiligo can be diagnosed by visual examination. Most of the hyperpigmentation disorders are diagnosed by the doctors from the appearance of the infected person. For treatment of various skinpigmentation disorders, doctors advise creams and medications like timerthylpsoralen and ultra violet therapy.


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