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Natural Removal Of Pigmentation

March 21, 2012

Natural Removal Of Pigmentation Many people are affected by the problem of uneven skin tone and most of them go in search of remedies. Most of the people that seek a remedy for this problem search for a solution due to uneven skin tone in the face. Attempts to remove excessive pigmentation usually ends unsuccessfully [...]

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Lemon Juice To Treat Pigmentation Problems

August 17, 2011

  Irregular pigmentation can be seen when the skin becomes discolored or blotchy. Pigmentation problems will cause the skin to appear lighter or darker than normal, as a result of an overproduction or underproduction of melatonin. These changes in skin pigmentation can be caused by drug reactions, medications, hormonal changes, autoimmune conditions or genetic inheritance. [...]

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Why Herbal Remedies For Age Spots Removal Do Not Work

June 25, 2010

Over the years that we are being exposed to the sun, it is very likely for human beings to have age spots. In order to erase these age spots, people come up with so-called natural home remedies that can be applied on the skin, but these can just bring damage to the skin and bring [...]

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